Why Vinyl Siding?


Vinyl siding is the exterior cladding of choice. You may be surprised what you can achieve using vinyl and other polymeric siding, architectural trim, and accessories. Vinyl siding helps create distinctive style and unique character that appeal to homebuyers and homeowners alike.

Beauty of Vinyl Siding

Any look - historic to contemporary - can be achieved with today's vinyl siding. Vinyl and other polymeric siding have the widest array of profile offerings of any other exterior cladding including:

Vinyl and other polymeric siding are available in a broad and ever increasing spectrum of solid and variegated colors including bold, rich tones like barn reds, hunter and sage greens, deep blues and more. Nearly 325 colors are certified to meet the ASTM standards for color retention, so you can be sure the shades you select will resist major color changes in a variety of climates.